Mike Powell

Recent & favorite writing

A short essay for The New York Times Magazine about dishwashing (I like it).

An archive of columns I wrote for the Paris Review about living in Arizona (I like it).

A long story about the first guy to sell nature sounds (or, at least, fabricated nature sounds) as relaxation aids, for Pitchfork.

A long exploration of meditation apps and a few good zen stories, for the Ringer.

A profile of a motion-capture stuntman who also loves aliens, for Grantland.

A story about a Japanese woman found dead in the upper midwest, and how her narrative played out in fiction and documentary, for Grantland.

A profile of a novel, unconventional record producer named Ariel Rechtshaid, for Grantland.

And because I lost so much sleep over them, a meditation on train horns that blow in my neighborhood.